Saturday, September 06, 2008

I wish I were this cute!

This is Foot Foot (after the Shags song). She has one peanut butter colored foot (back right) and three chocolate colored feet, or paws I guess. We could call her Reese's. But we liked Foot Foot better.

Foot Foot was born to the feral colony that lives next to our house. When we first moved into this apartment, a litter had just been born. I occasionally see one of those cats lurking around. All of these cats are shy and even fearful of people. No matter how careful and patient I've been, I've never been able to get closer than a few feet before they've bolted. This summer another litter was born. I wish I had the resources to do more for this group, but getting one female off the street and spayed, innoculated and into a safe home will help, I hope.

Labor Day morning, we were looking through the chain link fence that separates our yard from the scrap yard behind the office building next door, and we saw some kittens and the mother cat. They all bolted. Except Foot Foot. She just pranced back and forth, just on the other side of the fence. If we walked away from her, she ran after us, mewling all the way. We hung out on the back steps with the door open and a bowl of water for her. Once she let herself in, we knew we were going to keep her.

When she came in, I left her with the missus while I went to the store for a litter box and some food (and cat toys, and cat nip, and litter). By the time I came back, she was passed out on the missus' lap. She sleeps with us, she follows us from room to room, and she purrs when we scratch under her chin. Ahhh contentment.


Amy O' said...

Aww... she's just adorable! Nice job guys! Quick question/suggestion - have you contacted Animal Umbrella? We got our old girl Morticia from them when we were living in Allston. They do Spay/neuter/release of street cats as one of their services. Plus, they may be able to help place the little ones.

LEstes65 said...

I know this comment is late. But damn, she's adorable. I knew about her from McC's FB pix. She really is just TOO cute. I do have to say that my hayseed is showing when I say I thought "Foot Foot" came from the Mel Tillis story. Oh well.